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Introducing Repeat’s exciting new integration with

By Repeat | December 6, 2022

Repeat, a leading start-up in the Restaurant industry, is constantly evolving and adapting to make the app the most accessible, seamless, and stress-free it can be. The new partnership with (one of the world’s leading payment processing companies) and their integration services for in-app payments makes Repeat Pay even simpler to use, for both customers and venues, and is another step in Repeat establishing itself as one of the major players in Restaurant Tech apps internationally.

Repeat is a restaurant directory that also favours loyalty to hospitality venues through rewards. The more repeat custom from an individual that a venue receives, the higher the possible reward for the customer. This effectively promotes brand loyalty, reduces unsustainable discount culture and encourages users to explore new venues on the hunt to find their favourite spots – both beneficial to the individual and the venue. The app is free to download and use and works on both dine-in and takeaway options. Repeat has now made its app even more user-friendly through’s integration services. Customers are now able to pay easily and securely within the app through Repeat Pay. Repeat Pay remains within the app without the need for a new window or screen, and customers are now able to pay for their meals at the restaurant via the app, instead of waiting for the bill, and bringing cards out with them. is a reliable, established, and popular international financial technology company that processes payments for other companies. 


The ease of use for customers and businesses has made it the industry standard of payment processing and is used by organizations such as Zomato and Deliveroo. The dynamic and intelligent features allow for optimum handling of user details including translating data for the app to continue to grow and develop for the benefit of its users. The benefits of Repeat working with as an integration platform centers around the user and their experience, including the individual customer and the venue itself.

Due to the smart nature of the system, the payment process becomes a whole lot simpler. There is no need for a new window or tab when paying online, keeping everything in-app, nor is there a need to get a card out or ask for a bill in a venue – streamlining the whole experience for the user, and minimising the risk that the user won’t complete the purchase. If the payment process is quick and reliable, the user is more likely to both complete the purchase and return to that product – especially when it comes to the hospitality industry, the customer just wants a delicious meal without any avoidable payment stresses. 

RepeatPayImage2.jpg has an impressive portfolio of F&B clients internationally and within the UAE, from delivery services to specific restaurants; their partnership with Repeat is a huge sign that the start-up prioritizes customer experience and brand credibility.

Repeat is consistently growing and evolving, to create a more integrated environment for Restaurants and their customers. Using as an integration platform is a major moment for the app as it continues to make waves in both the hospitality and start-up sectors. 



The app is free to download and easy to use, it works as a Restaurant directory and offers loyalty rewards moreover, it’s the perfect app for exploring all the Restaurants the city has to offer. Available today to download from the App Store and Google Play.