Your business sets the stage for our story.

Your business sets the stage for our story.

Empty tables in full-service restaurants present restaurant owners with a significant opportunity cost. At Repeat, we market restaurants, fill up empty tables & generate unique customer behavior data.

We do this by bringing new customers and by incentivizing existing ones to return sooner and spend more with our proprietary personalized pricing engine.

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On Repeat, you are free to establish your own reward structure based on branch-specific variables and performance.

  • Establish a frequency and loyalty reward ratio to optimize return.
  • You'll have complete flexibility and the information needed to fine-tune parameters and improve retention.
  • Leveraging a customer's every visit with automated and manual re-engagement tools.


Showcase all of your restaurant's offers in one convenient platform. Say goodbye to scattered promotions and missed opportunities.

  • Maximize visibility of existing promotions to attract new customers.
  • Push your creativity and create new offers to increase occupancy when needed.
  • Providing a centralized channel for customers to see all offers and promotions.


Have access to detailed insights into your customers' behavior. Our panel provides a deep understanding of consumption and visit frequency.

  • Improve customer experience and tailor offerings to meet preferences
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns and promote high-margin items.
  • Optimize pricing and menu offerings to increase revenue.
  • Identify patterns and improve operational efficiency.

What we offer with Repeat


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Bill Size

5% -10%

Increase in Revenue

How Repeat has helped our partners grow

Khao Siam 45
Khao Siam 45

" With Repeat, we effortlessly retain customers, stay on top of vital data, and engage with our top 100 brand ambassadors who drive new business. " 

Doner & Gyros
Doner & Gyros

" Thanks to Repeat, new customers flock to Doner & Gyros, discovering the delights of our Berlin Doner. Their loyalty fuels revenue growth!" 

Jumeirah Restaurants
Jumeirah Restaurants

" With its innovative approach of rewarding customers for their prompt return, Repeat effectively connects the right customers with the right brand." 

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Join our community of successful brands today!

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